How to order Custom made Watch Band



Shape. Cut. Stitch.

Choosing the perfect watch band to match your style is like Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You need to find one that’s just right for you.
You could place an order directly through our online store – with the available design shown as pictures. If your style is totally different, please chat with us/ send us an email to specify your own designs and requirements. Basically, the process involves following steps:


Choose the primary leather

HAN Leather collects the top range of leathers which either is of the highest quality or rare in the market. Please click on images to discover more details of the leather



Give us your measurement

We need to know your watch series and 4 figures:
- Your wrist circumference
- Watch case diameter
- Lug width
- Buckle width

Please use a ruler to measure the part A (lug width),B (buckle width), Watch case diameter and wrist circumference as shown on the above picture.

Or select the typical band sizes as belows:
- [XS] ~ 115 mm/70 mm band will fit 150 – 164 mm wrist
- [S] ~ 120 mm/75 mm band will fit 165 – 178 mm wrist
- [M] ~ 130 mm/80 mm band will fit 179 – 190 mm wrist
- [L] ~ 135 mm/80 mm band will fit 191 – 203 mm wrist
- [XL] ~ 140 mm/85 mm band will fit 204 – 216 mm wrist



Choose the thread colour and lining leather colour

Let us know your favourite COLOR of the stitches & lining leather. If you don’t have any requirements (not specify), we will choose based on our regular matches.



Choose buckle types

Normally, without any notice, we will use the classic buckle. If you need the butterfly buckle or others, please send us an inquiry.

Classic buckle is free, Adapter 10$, Butterfly & Hermes 10$, Patek 20$



Add Personalization

There are many ways to print your name/ logo on your leather products, below are 3 typical ways, among which we recommend using the heat embossing technique with a simple font.

- Laser engraving: lets you print any fonts, any images at a cheap price. However, we don’t recommend using it because this technique will affect the leather surface, reduce the lifetime of products.
- Heat embossing: also lets you print any fonts, any images, however, with a bit higher price because of the mold. Normally, we limit heat embossing with the very basic font at no extra cost. If the customers want to custom their fonts, images, logos, they have to pay extra cost to make the print mold.
- Print tag: customers can print any fonts, logos by laser on the tag, then it is stitched to the product. This method will cost you a bit higher price (for the print tag) and it fits only with large products, on which we can stick the tag.



You need personalize a leather band to fit your watch

A watch is one of the most personal items you own, and choosing the perfect watch bracelet can be just as difficult. You want to find something that fits your style, your budget and looks good with everything in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that whether you choose a titanium bracelet or an alligator band, no matter what your budget is, you deserve the chance to wear something timeless, durable, and distinctive; make sure it grows with you, too!

Personalized or handmade items usually take time and therefore, high cost. Fortunately, we are professional in doing these things, with a price-match-quality concentration. You will pay for what you get, not for the brand or marketing tactics.