Bespoke Personalised Leather

HAN Leather is a family-owned trusted business in Australia, verified and Registered ABN: 18 317 828 429. HAN is a handmade leather goods brand that emphasizes the difference between customers’ individuality. Our bespoke leather goods are designed to make you shine in a simple, everyday wearing.

Originated from the most Ancient Village – Hanoi Old Quater, Vietnam, where leather and garment product exporting is in the top 3 leading global countries (Source: Because of high skills and craftmanship, many of the biggest fashion brands (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Zara, etc. Source: businessoffashion) now manufacture their goods in our country.


HAN Leather collects the top range of leathers which either is of the highest quality (full-grain or top-grain leather) or rare in the market such as ostrich leg leather, crocodile leather, stingray leather, shell cordovan, etc.; of which leather goods from other brands could price thousands of Dollar (ex: Hermes Ostrich Wallet with Lamskin lining). We sell the true quality/value of the product, not the brand or marketing tactic so you’re guaranteed to get the best price in the market.


We do leathercraft as a favour, with passion, with love of the whole community here. All our products are handmade and can be personalised as customer’s requirement.

leather watchband handmade

Variety of personalised leather craft lines: watchstrap, wallet, phone case, leather journal, keyring, belt, handbag…

Genuine leather watchband

At Han Leather, we always try to go to extra lengths to accommodate our customers. That is why we offer a specialist tailoring service to ensure you get perfectly fitted handmade personalised leather crafts as wallet, watch craft, bag, keyring, belt, etc… Essentially you can provide your own measurements (according to specifications outlined on our website) or one of our dedicated specialists can assist you in store. Ultimately our primary objective is to create a stylish and unique garment that will be cherished for many years. 

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